In Fyreside, players engage in perpetual card game integrated behind the game’s social features. Basic gameplay is simple:

  • Talk with people in-game to gain mana.
  • Use your mana to play cards which hurt other players or help you.
  • Try to get the highest score you can before someone kills you.


Fyreside is in early, early alpha. This website is missing a

lot of info, and I apologize. <(v,v)>

Fyreside is intended to be played with a small group of people over a long time, with one player serving as the host. (If that’s you, here’s your guide.)

Players all draw from the same deck, and use the mana they gain from chatting to play the cards they drew. Some cards directly hurt other players, or help them. Others change cards in the deck, remove cards, or even add entirely new cards. Some act as boosts to others, and so on. If you’re a player looking to get more acquainted with the rules of play, here’s your guide.

And finally, if you’re looking for resources on customizing Fyreside, I’m building those up as I build the game, so here’s your guide.

Here’s the links to those three guides blown up, so you can find specifically what you’re looking for:

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